When we get it right….

You can watch Fin’s goal by clicking on the image above

It would be wrong of me to sum up an entire season so far on one performance, but the home defeat against Waterloo Rovers in the ER Jenkins Cup on Wednesday, 30 October seemed to encapsulate many of the issues the first team has been facing this season.

Having spoken to a number of regulars at last night’s game, they agreed that we look good going forward and are capable of scoring goals – and, as demonstrated last night, some really good goals.

If you want to watch Fin Özsoylu’s fine header from a corner that put us back into the game, then you can do so by clicking here or on the image at the top of the page.

I am afraid I didn’t manage to capture Jadon Vaughan’s goal on camera but that, too, was a really good strike – a calm finish after a flowing end-to-end team move that involved a number of players.

The very obvious flip side to this was that Waterloo Rovers didn’t have to work too hard for many of their goals with the bulk coming from inside or around the six-yard box.

Liam Tomkins did his best in goal but there is only so long that any keeper can stem the flow.

I know this isn’t telling either Terry Williams or the side anything they don’t already know but going forward we look more than capable of competing.

The defensive side of the game though is clearly an issue but this is not to put the blame on the back four – you attack as a team and you defend as one and too often in this game Presteigne just didn’t defend as a team.

However, I am sure everyone would be far more concerned if the side didn’t look as though it can score goals – Presteigne certainly have that capability and, if they can work on shoring up the defence then there is surely still time to turn around their fortunes this season.