Happy Christmas to you all!

Presteigne St Andrews FC
Happy Christmas to one and all

While I think we can all safely say we have never witnessed a football season like it, here’s hoping that everyone connected with the club has a happy and a safe Christmas.

The 2020-21 season looks to be pretty much dead in the water, but club life keeps ticking over in the background and everyone connected with Llanandras Park is grateful to those working hard to ensure things remain on an even keel.

This includes the grounds staff who work so hard to ensure Llanandras Park still looks in very good shape, despite the strange times in which we find ourselves.

Then, there are those who do all the admin behind the scenes – work that is often never seen by the majority but which is vital to ensuring we can operate successfully.

At best, we are in for a scaled down season but, given Wales is in Tier 4 and Covid-19 levels are still rising, if we are being realistic it’s extremely unlikely there will be any meaningful league football this season.

It’s to be hoped 2021 proves evetually to be a happier year on a whole host of levels – yes, there are much more important things going on in the world than Mid Wales League football, but it is still a  key part of many of our lives and a return to it would be a welcome sign that normal life is back.

Happy Christmas to one and all – let’s hope that this time next year we can all get down to the club and celebrate a big Boxing Day win by helping the social club profits with a few drinks in the bar.