December 100 Club draw results

Presteigne St Andrews FC
A winning ticket – not a bad way to start 2021

Greetings one and all and may I be possibly the last person to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Well, for some people it will be happier than it might otherwise have been as they were the lucky winners in our slightly delayed 100 Club draw for December.

Apologies for the fact it took a little while longer than normal but we got there in the end and very well done to those who ‘scooped the loot’ this month.

The plan is to hold the January draw on or as near as we can get to Friday, 29 January.

But, in the meantime, well done once again to those who were the December winners.

Prize Ticket Number Prize Winners
£100.00 263 Jim and Jean Somerfield
£50.00 106 Terry Moses
£30.00 35 George Lancett