Annual Dinner and Awards Night 2012

Presteigne St Andrews FC

Tom 'Pie' Edwards was last season's Clubman of the Year

Yes, the time is almost upon us when we can all put on our best frocks – the girls, too – and head down to Llanandras Park for the social event of the year.

The club’s annual dinner and awards night is always one of the highlights of the year when we can all let down our hair (those of us lucky enough to still have some) and reflect on the season just gone.

This year’s event is due to be held on Saturday, 19 May and will be held at the clubhouse at Llanandras Park.

The cynics among you will probably suggest there will not be a great deal to celebrate from the season just gone and, while it’s true there won’t be a great deal of silverware on the top table, this will not prevent us having a good time.

Jean Burgoyne will be providing the food – so good scram will be a given – while the bar will, naturally enough, be open for custom.

The awards are always a highlight, in which club chairman Alan Randell will do his best to both maintain order and keep the managers’ speeches down to a manageable length.

But all this has to be paid for – no surprise there – and so tickets are on sale now and you need to be quick.

Players will pay £12.00 for their ticket, while the cost to everyone else will be £20.00 – please contact Alan as soon as possible and get your order in as clearly, given the nature of the clubhouse, numbers are  limited.