Last chance for your Dinner tickets

Presteigne St Andrews FC

The Dinner and Awards Night will be on Saturday, 20 May

If you are planning on attending the club’s Annual Dinner and Awards night on Saturday, 20 May and you are yet to sort out your ticket and menu choices, then this really is the last chance.

Vice-chairman Tom Ammonds is in charge of proceedings and he’s keen to get the final numbers to the caterers within the next 24 hours.

So, if you are yet to book yourself a ticket, then you really do need to get hold of Tom very quickly indeed.

You can email him by clicking here or give him a call on his mobile.

Similarly, there are a few people who have bought their tickets for the evening but who are yet to confirm their menu choices with Tom.

Please crack on and do this as quickly as possible as the caterers do need to know and we don’t want to end up paying for extra menu choices that are not needed.

If could make this a priority, I am sure Tom would appreciate it as organising these events can be a pretty thankless task so, I think it’s probably fair to say, your cooperation would be very  much appreciated….