Freddie Mercury Tribute

Presteigne St Andrews FC
'Freddie' doing his best to rock the Football Club

While it might have been surreal at times, there was no doubting that the majority of those who attended the club’s Freddie Mercury Tribute Night had a good time – although not always for the right reasons.

While remaining firmly on the right side of the defamation laws, there is no disputing that this was by no means the best tribute act we have ever seen – in fact, it wasn’t the best we have seen at the Football Club.

But, in the true traditions of Presteigne people the majority opted to make the most of it and they must have had a pretty fair night as they drank the bar dry of Guinness and bitter among other things.

Club chairman Alan Randell admitted the evening had posed him a few potential problems, but was glad the vast majority of those who had attended had taken things in the right spirit.

 “The problem is when you book the tribute Acts through an agency you are going by the reputation – unless we are lucky enough to have had someone who has seen the act beforehand,” he said.

“I would be the first to hold up my hands and admit he wasn’t the finest but I am glad the majority of those who stayed still managed to have a good night.

“We are on the look out for a decent quality act for our next evening down at the club – this might well be in October, so if anyone has seen a good act out there, then let me know as a personal recommendation might be the better route to follow,” added Alan.

The club was very busy for the evening and the chairman was keen to thank all of those committee and club members who had supplied food for the evening.

“Any appeal for food for a function such as this can lead to mixed results, but fair play to everyone concerned the buffet was excellent,” said Alan.

“I would like to thank all of those who took the time and trouble to produce food for the night – the quality and variety of the food was superb.

“In fact, there was so much of it that there was some left over at the end of the night and it is not too often that is the case,” he added.

Despite the well-documented problems the club reported an entertaining and profitable evening – roll on the next one and – as Alan says – anyone with any suggestions for a good tribute act, then please let him know.