Eight come close, but it’s another Super Lotto rollover

Presteigne St Andrews FC

No jackpot winner again this week

Presteigne St Andrews FC’s Super Lotto jackpot continues to roll on, despite a record week for ‘woodwork rattlers’ this week.

The four numbers drawn out of the hat this week were: 5,7,12 and15

Yet again, there was no outright winner but there were no fewer than eight post-hitters – those who managed to select three of the four numbers needed.

So, ‘close but no cigar’ as far as Carpet Trader Wales; Steve Rogers; Philip Jones, Haydn Williams, Ian Addis, Kim Price, Gemma Lewis and Sue Lewis were all concerned.

The Bonus Buy winner was R Emmin from Norton who wins £20.

A plea from the ‘Lotto-meister’ Tom Ammonds – could he please remind everyone to fill the sheets out correctly especially with putting the date of the draw on them all and putting the collector’s name on the form so we know who to contact for the Bonus Buy ticket.