Idris takes the 100 Club top prize for April

Presteigne St Andrews FC
Click on the image if you would like to listen to the April 100 Club draw

Congratulations to Idris Gwilt who was the winner of the first prize in the April draw of Presteigne St Andrews FC’s 100 Club.

The ongoing lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic meant the draw was, once again, conducted online.

Trevor Owens and Haydn Williams carried out proceedings with a good two-and-a-half miles separating them, never mine the recommended two-and-a-half metres.

If you would like to listen to a recording of the draw you can do so either by clicking here or on the image at the top of this page.

The full list of winners for April is as follows:

PrizeTicket NumberPrize Winner
£100.00134Idris Gwilt
£40.00221Roger Morgan
£30.00159Enid Crowe
£30.00191Lorna Griffiths

The next draw is scheduled for Friday, 29 May and, unless the Prime Minister comes up with something really radical in terms of the lifting of restrictions on social gatherings, it’s again likely to be online.